The bottom line is this. It's not all about me. My business model is built on service, quality, art, compassion, beauty, and a unique experience. I am afforded the opportunity to work with talented, inspiring, and amazing individuals that I am also lucky enough to call my friends. Within those circles of friends, many of us have been touched by organizations that have impacted our lives for good in ways we cannot easily express thanks, other than in the most tangible, and the simplest: by donating resources, by giving back, or by paying it forward.

I offer pro-bono time, product and work to select organizations and groups, with no strings attached.

Every year I donate a portion of my income and time to organizations including but not limited to:

American Cancer Society

Relay for Life

Special Olympics

Disabled American Veterans

Humane Society of the United States

Alameda County Food Bank

Tri-Valley Explorers