You want to make great images instead of happy mistakes?

You want to rely on knowledge instead of fixes like Instagram apps?

I can help, save you time and money, and propel you to the next level in your creative journey.


I have retired from commercial shooting. Now, I can teach you to shoot for yourself, your family, or your business, and unlock your creative and technical potential in ways you have only imagined (while saving you time, money, and frustration.) Stop imagining, and start doing! 

Geared to empower others, I want to share what I have learned in the past two decades, provide tools for success, reduce frustration, and direct you toward creating unlimited imagery for your personal or business use.


  • 1 to 1 Intensive Workshops for the dedicated student: $275 - 2: 2-hour clinics of technical training, hands-on exercises, real post-production workflow, and a wealth of take home resources to help take your craft to the next level and separate you from the amateurs. Follow up personal on-location mentoring sessions in post-production and on-location training as desired at $150 for 2 hours.  Whether you want to improve your landscape, child, family, lifestyle, product or editorial work, I can help you. Scheduled privately. Reserve your session by using the Paypal option below. 

1 to 1 Instensive Workshop

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Personal On-location Mentoring Sessions: (Continuing, pre-qualified students only)

  • Small Group Sessions for Beginner Adults (4-5 students per class): $225 for 3 sessions of hands-on training,  2+ hours per session, covering technical aspects of the DSLR, crafting imagery, post-production editing methods, software and tools, workflow, take home resources, etc. 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month, 2-4pm.  OR: Gather some friends (mother's groups, clubs, etc. and reserve the time that works best for your group.) Required: Your own DSLR or camera with manual settings, and willingness to learn.  Inquiries to: or 925-200-7694
  • Beginning DSLR Photography Clinics for High School students: 4, 1 1/4 hour weekly sessions on-location in your home, 4-8 students. $135 per student (includes observing parent). Scheduled privately. Required: DSLR or camera with manual settings. Host parent's child attends for free if at least 5 students. Inquiries: or 925-200-7694
  • Speaking Engagements for Groups : Tips for every day photography, emphasis on capturing candid children's portraits for parents as historians of their family.  Free for not-for-profit groups. Inquiries: or 925-200-7694


Learn by doing.

Encourage one another,